PKU Agile Visualization and Interaction Construction Toolkits

With the flourish of visualizations, there are continuous research interest in developing toolkits for visualization and interaction construction. Different from most of toolkits which require programming expertise, we propose visualization and interaction constructing methods in an agile manner. That is, we aim to support not only visualization experts but also novices to create visualization and interaction efficiently and expressively.

GoTree: A Grammar of Tree Visualizations

GoTree is a declarative grammar allowing users to create a considerable number of tree visualizations, including not only existing techniques but also undiscovered and hybrid visualizations withour programming. It provides a flexible and fine-grained control over the parameters and supports both explicit and implicit tree visualizations.

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Automatic Annotation Synchronizing with Textual Description for Visualization

The technique is used for automatically annotating visualizations according to the textual description. Based on a visualization image and its description given by a user, the system can generate a series of highlighted and annotated visualization results.

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Interaction+: Interaction Enhancement

Interaction+ is designed to enable users to interact with general visualizations online without programming. It provides a set of flexible interactions including selection, filter, etc.

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iVisDesigner: Expressive Interactive Design of Information Visualizations

iVisDesigner allows users to interactively create mappings from data elements to graphical elements. It supports interactive creation of information visualization designs. iVisDesigner is much more expressive, allowing a wide range of visualization designs for different data structures be accomplished without any programming.

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MDVIS Jigsaw: Multidimensional Data Visualization Jigsaw

The Multidimensional Data Visualization Jigsaw is designed to enable users to create, organize and synthesis custom designed visualizations. It helps users work together to analyze the data more efficiently and effectively.

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