Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation in Visual Squares

--- Accumulated daily diagnoses, cures, and deaths in China

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Situation in Visual Squares focuses on the cure rate and the mortality rate of each province, autonomous region or municipality in China, while presenting the cumulative data of the number of diagnoses, cures, and deaths, showing the development of the epidemic in a macroscopic way.

Each square represents the epidemic situation in one province, autonomous region or municipality. The background color indicates the number of diagnoses. Regions where the epidemic has occurred is shown in red , and the darker the color, the greater the number. Regions where the epidemic has not occurred is shown in gray . At the center of the square is a small black square , and the ratio of its area to the square represents mortality rate. On its outer side is a green hollow square , and the ratio of its area to the square indicates the cure rate. In regions where the diagnoses are all discharged the green color is replaced with blue . In the upper right corner of the square, the numbers of diagnoses, cures, and deaths are represented by red, green, and black numbers, respectively. By clicking on the square, you can switch between the national epidemic situation and the provincial situation. The date slider allows you to see the information of previous days and to observe the changes over time.

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Note: The data source is National Health Commission of China. Due to the inconsistent statistics of the provinces and cities, there is a certain deviation in the data before the complete verification