Jie Liang


Key Laboratory of Machine Perception ( Ministry of Education )Center for Information Science , School of EECS
Peking University, Beijing. P.R. China

Office: Rm 2310, Science Building No. 2, Peking University

Email: christy[dot]jie[at]gmail[dot]com

Phone: +86-(10)-6276-7658

Research Interests

My research interests focus on Information visualization and visual analytics science technology. PhD research covers large scaled hierarchical data visualization, high dimensional data visual analysis, social network visual analytics, financial data visual analysis, and highlighting technique in visual analytics tool etc. A top one graduate with first class honors was awarded 2009 Vice-Chancellor prize with University Medal. Honors research contributed to the stock market surveillance, which has been applied to stock exchange in shanghai, London, Hong Kong and NASDAQ Stock Market.

Concurrent Academic Posts

  • Research Scientist PKU-Qihoo Data Visualization Research Center, School of EECS, Peking University


  • Peking University [Visual Analytics leading edge] Vis Summer school, 2014-2015

  • University of Chinese Academy of Sciences [Visual Analytics], Summer 2015

  • TianJin University [Data Visualization for Visual analytics], Fall 2013

Selected Publications

  • Liang, J., Nguyen, Q.V., Simoff, S. & Huang, M.L., 2015, ‘Divide & Conquer Treemaps: Visualizing large trees with various shapes’, in Journal of visual languages and computing, 2015. [JVLC15] (SCI)

  • Liang, J., Huang, M.L., & Nguyen, Q.V., 2015,‘Space-Filling Interaction with Chain-Context View’. Journal of Visualization, expected to be published in Dec 2015. (ChinaVis 2015) [JoV15] (SCI)

  • Chen, S., Yuan, X., Wang. Z., Guo, C., Liang, J., Zhang, X., & Zhang, J., ‘Interactive Visual Movement Patterns Discovering from Sparsely Sampled Geo-tagged Social Media Data. IEEE Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics. (Accepted, IEEE VAST Conf. 2015. Chicago, USA.)

  • Lu, M., Wang, Z., Liang, J. & Xiaoru Yuan, 2015, ‘Exploring OD Patterns of a Central Region based on Taxi Trajectories’. Journal of Visualization, expected to be published in Dec 2015. (ChinaVis 2015) [JoV15] (SCI)

  • Chen, Y., Zhang, X., Feng, Y., Liang, J., & Chen, H., 2015,‘Sunburst with ordered nodes based on hierarchical clustering: a visual analyzing method for associated hierarchical pesticide residue data’, Journal of Visualization, 18: 237-254. [JoV15] (SCI)

  • Lu, M., Wang, Z.C., Liang, J., & Yuan, X.R., 2015, ‘OD-Wheel: Visual Design to Explore OD Patterns of a Central Region’, Proceedings of IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (Notes), pages 87-91, Hangzhou, China, Apr. 14-17, 2015. [PacificVisNote 2015a](EI)

  • Che, L., Liang, J., Yuan, X, Shen, J., Xu, J., & Li, Y., 2015, ‘Laplacian-based Dynamic Graph Visualization’, In Proceedings of IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (Notes), pages69-73, Hangzhou, China, Apr. 14-17, 2015. [PacificVisNote 2015b](EI)

  • Lu, M., Lai, C., Ye, T., Liang, J., & Yuan, X., Visual Analysis of Route Choice Behavior based on GPS Trajectories, IEEE KDD Urban Computing Workshop 2015. Sydney, Australian. Aug 10, 2015.

  • Liang, J., Nguyen, Q.V., Simoff, S. & Huang, M.L., 2013, ‘Visualizing large trees with divide and conquer partition, In proceedings of 6th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction, pp. 79-87, Tianjin,2013.8.17-2013.8.18 [VINCI13] [Best Paper]. (EI)

  • Liang, J., Nguyen, Q.V., Simoff, S. & Huang, M., 2012, ‘Angular Treemaps – A New Technique for Visualizing and Emphasizing Hierarchical Structures’, Proceedings of 16th international conference on Information visualization Conference, pp. 74-80, Montpellier,2012.7.11-2012.7.13. [IV12a] (EI)

  • Huang, M.L., Liang F.L., Chen Y.W., Liang, J. & Nguyen, Q.V.2012, ‘Clutter Reduction in Multi-Dimensional Visualization of Incomplete Data Using Sugiyama Algorithm’, Proceedings of 16th international conference on Information visualization Conference, pp. 93-99, Montpellier,2012.7.11-2012.7.13.[IV12b] (EI)

  • Liang, J., Hua J., Huang, M. Nguyen Q.V. & Simoff, S.,2012, ‘Rectangle orientation in area judgment task for treemap design’, Proceedings of the 24th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference, pp. 349-352. [OzCHI12] (EI)

  • Liang, J., Huang, M. & Nguyen Q.V., 2012, ‘Perceptual User Study For Combined Treemaps’, Proceedings of 11th international conference on Machine Learning and Applications, pp. 300-305. 12-15 Dec. 2012 , Boca Raton, FL, USA.. [ICMLA12] (EI)

  • Huang, M.L. & Liang, J., 2010, ‘Highlighting in Information Visualization: a Survey”, Proceedings of 14th international conference on Information visualization Conference, pp.79-85. [IV10] (EI)

  • Huang, M.L., Liang, J. & Nguyen, Q.V. 2009, ‘A Visualization Approach for Frauds Detection in Financial Market’, Proceedings of 13th international conference on Information visualization Conference, pp197-202. [IV09] (EI)

  • Huang, M.L., Liang, J. & Nguyen, Q.V., 2008, ‘A Usability Study on the use of Multi-Context Visualisation’, Proceedings of 5th International conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, pp. 311- 316. [CGIV08] (EI)

Book Chapters
  • Liang, J., Nguyen, Q.V., Simoff, S. & Huang, M.L., 2014, Chapter Five - Angular Treemaps,Information Visualisation Techniques, Usability and Evaluation, Ebad Banissi, Francis T. Marchese, Camilla Forsell, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp 83-107, Newcastle, UK, 2014/1/7. ISBN (10): 1-4438-5981-8. [IVTUE14]

  • Huang, M.L., Liang, J., & Weidong Huang, 2013, Chapter 9 - Highlighting in Visual Data Analytics, in Huang M.L. &Huang W.D (ed.), Innovative Approaches of Data Visualization and Visual Analytics, IGI Global, pp. 176-190. [DVVA13]


  • Program Committee IEEE Pacific Visualization (Notes) 2015

  • Program Committee High Performance Computing in China (Visualization Track) 2015

  • Program Committee ChinaVis 2015

  • Program Committee National Conference on Social Media Processing (SMP) 2015

  • Program Committee International Workshop on Data mining meets Visual Analytics at big data era (DAVA 2015) In Conjunction with ICDM 2015

  • Assistant Organizer VINCI'09 - 2009 Visual Information Communications International, Sydney, Australia 24-25, September 2009

  • Assistant Organizer 1st Australia-China Symposium on Science technology and education, University of New South Wales, Kensington, August 12-13, 2006

  • Reviewer IEEE Information Visualization 2015

  • Reviewer EuroVis 2015

  • Reviewer Journal of Visualization [JoV] 2014-2015

  • Reviewer Big Data Intelligence 2015

  • Reviewer ChinaVis Conference 2014-2015

  • Reviewer International Conference on Information Visualization 2014

  • Reviewer The Eurographics Conference on Visualization 2015

  • Reviewer International conference on information visualization theory and application 2015

Research Projects

  • Visual Detection of Frauds in Financial Markets 2007 -2009, Sponsored by Capital Markets CRC and CMSS

  • Visual Analytics in Social Network 2008 – 2010, Sponsored by Large ARC Discovery Grant DP0881345

  • Treemap Method and Evaluation 2008,1 -2012,12 Sponsored by Large ARC Linkage Infrastructure Grant LE0882280

  • Highlighting in Visual Analytics 2010,1 -2010, 12, Sponsored by Core Data Ltd.

  • Media Data Visual Analytics 2014,7 - now, Sponsored by PKU-Qihoo Data Visual Analytics Research Center.