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Rongjian Lan 兰荣坚

Undergraduate, Information and Engineering School,
University of Science and Technology Beijing. P.R.China

Email: rongjian.lan [at] gmail [dot] com


I'm a senior student from IES, University of Science and Technology Beijing. My major is Artificial� Intelligence and my research interests include Human-computer Interaction and Information Visualization.

I joined PKU Visualization and Visual Analytics Group since June 2010. Currently, I am working on the project of Visualizing the World of Academic Publication, specifically the time-series interaction and community detection. I deem technologies as servants for human rather than manipulators of human. My research philosophy is to leverage the human-computer interaction technology for people’s better access to the huge power of computer, enhancing working efficacy, facilitating communication and promoting pleasure. As the environment get worse, I also think we HCI community should take the environmental responsibility to alleviate the deteriorating process and even reverse it. I am currently expecting the development of this green interaction in the future research.






  • 2008, Volunteer of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China

  • 2007-2008, Minister of Public Relationship Department of “IT?Union in USTB

  • 2008, Organized and presided the Award Ceremony of USTB “PC-DIY?Contest

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