Master student '20
School of Intelligence Science and Technology
Peking University, Beijing. P.R.China

Email: tanshaocong0108 [at] gmail [dot] com

I am currently a master student in Visualization and Visual Analytics Group, at Peking University under the supervisor of Prof. Xiaoru Yuan.




  • Shaocong Tan, Chufan Lai, Xiaolong (Luke) Zhang, and Xiaoru Yuan.
    An Empirical Guide for Visualization Consistency in Multiple Coordinated Views.
    In Proceedings of IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), Oral, 2023.

  • Yuchu Luo, Hao Wu, Yuhan Guo, Shaocong Tan, Can Liu, and Xiaoru Yuan.
    Visualization in Digital Humanities.
    Big Data Research, 8(6):74-93, 2022.

  • Shaocong Tan, Sihang Li, Shuai Chen, Jiacheng Yu, Chuanming Huang, Liang Tang, Qinghua Shang, Zixi Fu, Zhuo Zhang, Xiaoru Yuan.
    RelationVis: Visual Analytics of Multifaceted Relationships between Different Entities in Text Collections.
    In Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST Challenge), Award for Effective Design of Interactive Analytics, 2021.


  • China National Scholarship, the Ministry of National Education
  • China National Scholarship, the Ministry of National Education
  • Xiaomi First Prize Scholarship, Peking University
  • China GuangGu Scholarship, Peking University
  • Merit Student, Peking University
  • Outstanding Research Award, Peking University
  • Outstanding Graduates, Peking University

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