Publication List
  • Xiaoru Yuan, Nan Zhang, Minh X. Nguyen and Baoquan Chen, "Volume Cutout." The Visual Computer (Special Issue of the Thirteenth Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications (PG'05)). 2005. In Press.
    [pdf] 5.41MB [ps] 46.7MB
  • Xiaoru Yuan, Minh X. Nguyen, Baoquan Chen and David H. Porter, "High Dynamic Range Volume Visualization." In Proceedings of the conference on Visualization (VIS'05). Minneapolis, USA. Oct 23 - 28. 2005 Accepted.
    [pdf] 2.03MB [ps] 85.9MB
  • Xiaoru Yuan and Baoquan Chen, "Illustrating Surfaces in Volume." In Proceedings of the VisSym'04 Joint IEEE/EG Symposium on Visualization, page 9-16. Konstanz, Germany May 19-21, 2004.
    [pdf] 5.60MB [ps] 29.3MB