Perceptually Guided Texture Mapping on Points
Lijun Qu, Xiaoru Yuan, Minh X. Nguyen, Baoquan Chen, Gary W. Meyer and Jered Windsheimer
the 3rd IEEE/Eurographics Symposium on Point-Based Graphics 2006. Boston, MA, USA. July 29-30, 2006
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In this paper, we present a textured point-based rendering scheme that takes into account the masking properties of the human visual system. In our system high quality textures are mapped to point-based models. Given one texture, an importance map is first computed using the visual masking tool included in the JPEG2000 standard. This importance map indicates the masking potential of the texture. During runtime, point-based models are simplified and rendered based on this computed importance. In our point simplification method, each point in the model is pre-assigned a random value. During rendering, the pre-assigned value is compared with the preferred local point density (derived from importance) to determine whether this point will be rendered. Our method can achieve coherent simplification for point models..
Image (a) shows a flower pattern and its masking importance map. Image (b) is a rendering of a vase point model with texture mapping. Image (c) shows the points used to do the rendering.

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Lijun Qu, Xiaoru Yuan Minh X. Nguyen, Gary W. Meyer, Baoquan Chen and Jered Windsheimer, "Perceptually Guided Texture Mapping on Points." In Proceeding of the 3rd Eurographics Symposium on Point-Based Graphics. Pages 95-102. 2006.
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