09/23/2011 Berlin Free University guests visiting lab 09/23/2011 Prof. Yuan discussing with the guests
PKU-DBLPVis Online Tool Available Now (Link) Teacher's Day Group Photo (2011.9.10)

ACCESS11 VIVA (2011.8.15-8.18)
Group photo in workshop Group photo in Xi'an
xian_group_3.jpg xian_group_4.jpg
Group photo having dinner Group photo in Xi'an
Prof. Yuan giving a talk Prof. Yuan giving a talk
Hanqi showing a demo Zuchao showing a demo
Prof. Yuan chairing a session Siming asking questions
Zhang Xin asking questions Hanqi asking questions
Guo Cong asking questions Limei asking questions
Prof. Yuan asking questions Lu Min asking questions
Group photo for speakers Group photo visiting museum in Xi'an
Group photos visiting Dayan Pagoda Group photos visiting the Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses
xian_profs.jpg xian_group_8.jpg
Prof. Yuan and Prof. Chen from ZJU Group photo with funny gestures

Visualization workshop 2011 (2011.7.23)
Prof. Hongbin Zha in the opening Workshop classroom
Prof. Daniel Keim gives a keynote on visual analytics Prof. Guihua Shan gives a talk on scientific visualization
Dr. Yingqing Xu gives a talk on tactile interface for blind Prof. Xiaoru Yuan gives a talk on spatiotemporal visualization
Hanqi Guo presents a paper on volume visualization Dr. Hao Liu gives a talk on transportation data
Dr. Shixia Liu introduces herself in the panel Hanqi Guo demonstrates our work in the lab visit

Vis Summer School 2011 (2011.7.15-25)
summer11_day1_r0026764.jpg summer11_day4_photo_13_.jpg
Prof. Xiaoru Yuan talks in the opening Dr. Yingqing Xu gives a lecture
summer11_day5_photo_6_.jpg summer11_day7_photo_121_.jpg
Dr. Shixia Liu gives a lecture Prof. Daniel Keim gives a lecture
summer11_day6_photo_1_.jpg summer11_day10_photo_4_.jpg
Prof. Hua-min Qu gives a lecture Prof. Maurizio Patrignani gives a lecture
summer11_day5_photo_27_.jpg summer11_day5_photo_68_.jpg
Lab visit Dr. Xin Tong introduces their work in MSRA
summer11_day5_photo_85_.jpg summer11_day6_photo_95_.jpg
Group photo in MSRA Prof. Xiaoru Yuan discusses course project with the class
Dr. Yingcai Wu shares research experience Group photo

Guests from MSRA visited PKU Vis Lab (2011.6.23)
Group photo Introducing multi-touch volume interactions
Introducing TripVista Discussing