WeiboVa Series

PKU WeiboVa (Weibo Visual Analysis) Series is a set of online tools helping users visualize and analyze weibo information propagation and distribution. So far, three main components are included.

WeiboEvents help users analyze specific events in Sina Weibo. Through the view and interaction users can find how an event grows and spreads from an original weibo. It can also contribute to figure out relationship among weibo authors.

Using WeiboVisearch, users are able to type in any keyword they are intereted in and find out weibos related to the keyword. This tool contributes to figure out time distribution of weibos and keywords.

Vistrend provide a convenient view to scan some hottest keywords and their trend through time. Users can also apply the keywords they are interested in.


  • Prof. Xiaoru Yuan (Faculty)
  • Xin Zhang (Student)
  • Zhenhuang Wang (Student)
  • Jing Li (Student)
  • Donghao Ren (Student)
  • Bo Zhang (Student)