Visualization on Beijing Air Quality


  • You can try it here.

Data Description

  • Time range: 2012.10.17 ~ 2012.10.30, per hour
  • Places: 26 monitor stations (1 place missing)
  • Attributes: CO and O3 values in Beijing City; SO2, NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 values in each monitor stations.


My design aims at:

  1. Distributions: Air quality distributions in place and time.
  2. Comparisons: Compare among regions, and among locations can be obtained.
  3. Surveillance: Both the abnormal values and the missing data can be detected easily.

About the Interface:

  1. Line graph: 6 lines for 6 attributes of the whole Beijing City changing in 14days. That means except the first 2 values which are already given, the last 4 values are average value of all existing places.
  2. Block Matrix, each block is an icon consists of 4 part, for express one place's status in on hour. The whole matrix represents all 26 places' air quality in a whole day, unfilled blocks means missing data of related attributes. Clicking on the line chart above will decide which day to show.
  3. Tree-like structure of places, since Beijing City consists of 5 large regions, I labeled each places


  1. Remove the missing place. After explore the whole data, I found the 14th place doesn't appeared at all, so I just remove the 14th place from the place list, that means 26 places left now.
  2. Labeling the places into 5 large regions.
  1. Draw those graphs and block matrix mentioned before.
  2. Add linking between line graph and block matrix, and labels on hover, etc.

Results and Findings

  1. Access: You can try it here.
  2. Distributions: The worst time appeared at night of 26 Oct in 14 days. And seems like bad air usually appeared in afternoon or at night.
  3. Comparisons: Most likely polluted places are those in 西北 regions.
  4. Surveillance: We can see that 石景山古城's records disappeared since 10.19 16:00, so maybe there's something wrong with the monitoring system.
  5. Abnormal Peak discovered easily of SO2 value in 顺义新城 at Oct 22, 15:00.


  1. Space compression :p
  2. Map of Beijing needed for clearer perception in space. Maybe an abstract or topology one is enough.
  3. Instructions and explanations on how to explore.