Beijing Pollution Data Visualization

By Richen Liu

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  • Multi-dimentional air quality data from 27 monitor stations, including station name, hourly time, SO2, NO2, PM10 and PM2.5.
  • The data from station 门头沟龙泉镇 are totally missed.
  • Abbreviated name and full name for 27 stations.
  • Relative coordinates of the station are extracted from

Includiing Focus + Context view and map view.

  1. Circles on the map view (right) are the positions of the monitors, click them can lead to corresponding changes on the Focus + Context view(left).
  2. 4 chart lines represent SO2, NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 respectively.
  3. Focus + Context is emploied here to see the details of the changes, since the lines in context view may leads to much visual clutter.
  4. Warning lines are shown in the focus view to tell us the air quality results, the values refers to (API(空气污染指数)计算公式)

  1. Animation tells users the gradual transition of the background data.
  2. Four checkboxes of four lines can be checked to show what you interested and made them easier to compare.

  1. For the missing data, the message box will tell users what happened.

  1. You can also make unselected lines to rendered as dashed lines in context view.