Power Usage Visualization

by Jiang Zhang, Hongwei Ai and Richen Liu

To visualize the electricity usage of 43 commercial users in Ningxia Province.

Electricity usage data of 43 commercial users in Ningxia Province

Every 15 minutes, 96 samples per day;

Time range is from June 2010 to March 2012;

Data features: Sampling is not continuous, many data are missing.

Weather data

17 cities in Ningxia.

Weather data attribute: weather condition, highest and lowest temperature.

One record per day, time range is 2 years.

Location data for 43 commercial users

Relative positions of 5 cities in Ningxia.

1) Circle view: To visualize the electricity consumption of some commercial users in Ningxia, three rings are used to select the date, e.g. year, month, day and hours. The outer curves show the values of electricity consumption of 96 samples.

2) Map view: Draw the boundaries of 5 cities in Ningxia, the view will zoomin when the corresponding city is selected

3) Calendar view: We can select multiple-day to compare the results. Focus+Context and stacked line curves are used to show the detailed trends of each day.