Final Project: Visualization Design and Implementation(50%)
In this final assignment, you are ask to design and implement a novel online visualization for a target data, to explore it internal relationship and bring insights to the user.

1. Visualization Design (1-2 Pages)
You should write a detailed description of the data and the design you are trying to implement. In this part, you should discuss the data type, dimensionality, data size, and what insight you want to make.

2. Implement your design (due Jan 20th)
Note you need to make the program accessible online. You are recommended to use D3.js and other visualization library to make you implementation affordable. Submit the source codes and you will provide instructions to upload your visualization on course website for open access.

3. Prepare poster for your work presentation. Also prepare a two page report explain your design and results. (report format will be provided. (due Jan 20)


1. Electricity Data
One year data of electricity usage of 40 commerical users in a Chinese city. The usage is sampled every 15 mins. Local temprature is also provided. (Available Upon Request)

2. Weibo Data
Visualizing the activities of Sina Weibo. The complex relationship includes the weibo post/repost interaction, topics, follow relationship, geo-location, etc. Data is available through Sina Weibo API or discuss with TA.

3. Reality Mining Dataset
Data collected to explore the capabilities of the smart phones that enabled social scientists to investigate human interactions beyond the traditional survey based methodology or the traditional simulation base methodology. The subjects were 75 students or faculty in the MIT Media Laboratory, and 25 incoming students at the MIT Sloan business school adjacent to the Media Laboratory. Of the 75 Media Lab participants, 20 were incoming masters students and 5 were incoming MIT freshman, and the rest had remained in the Media Lab for at least a year.

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