PKU Scientific Visualization System

PKU Scientific Visualization System is a series of visualization tools for large-scale scientific data developed by PKU Visualization and Visual Analytics Group

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System characteristics

  • Volume rendering

    • Support parallel volume rendering and single node multi-resolution volume rendering
    • Support various hardware render environment, including NVidia CUDA or CPU rendering, or shading language like OpenGL, Cg, GLSL, etc.
    • New method, new implementation platform.
  • Variety of interaction and output methods

    • Support multi-touch and sketch devices like iPad and Wacom; Support stereo output.
    • Support three-dimensional interaction using large-scale tiled-display wall and Kinect.
  • Cross-platform

    • Developed based on QT, support different operation system including Linux, Windows and Mac OS, etc.


  • National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, No. 60903062
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, No. 61170204
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China Key Project, No. 61232012
  • Strategic Priority Research Program - Climate Change: Carbon Budget and Relevant Issues, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. XDA05040205
  • 863 Program Project, No. 2010AA012400
  • Chinese Ministry of Education Key Project, No. 109001
  • Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project, No. 4092021