Seismic Structure Extraction Based on Multi-scale Sensitivity Analysis

Richen Liu, Hanqi Guo, and Xiaoru Yuan

Journal of Visualization, 17(3):157-166, 2014. Springer.

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Abstract The exploration of geological composition, e.g. underground flow path, is a significant step for oil and gas search. However, to extract the structural geological composition from the volume, neither the classic volume exploration methods, e.g. transfer function design, nor the traditional volume cut algorithms can be directly used due to its three natural properties, various compositions, discontinuity and noise. In this paper, we present an interactive approach to visualize the structural geological composition with the assistance of multi-scale sensitivity of transfer functio. We utilize a slice analyzer to interactively obtain the local transfer function for individual structural geological composition with a carefully designed lightweight transfer function interface guided by the multi-scale sensitivity, which can effectively help the users find the cut-off values of target composition. The final transfer function is shared to 3D volume texture on GPU, and then volume cut methods based on algebraic set operators are utilized to extract the corresponding geological composition in the volume.

Keywords: Seismic visualization, sensitivity analysis, volume rendering


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