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Analysis on OD Traffic Patterns

Pipeline of OD-Wheel system

Travel Time Exploration of the region around Beijing Railway Station: (a) the top five O and D clusters; (b) selecting the blue region in dotted box, trajectories travelling are shown; (c, d) travel routes with normal travel time and abnormal travel time are plotted respectively.

Route Travel Behaviour Analysis

Travel behaviour over time and space of 6 selected routes

(left) The rankings of trajectories traveling through the given route; (right) The 8 travel behaviour clusters

Sparse Trajectory Exploration

Major traffic flows in Nanjing

The correlation between a traffic jam and traffic flows on the neighbouring links

Visual Traffic Jam Analysis

Different speed patterns of roads in Beijing

The path and temporal delay of a traffic jam propagation, shown with double views

The path and temporal delay of a traffic jam propagation, shown with single embeded view

Traffic jam progation of one region in the morning of different days

Traffic Density Rendering

Traffic density map of 28,519 Beijing taxis in Mar 8th, 2009

Trajectory Timeline Visualization

User interface of trajectory timeline system

Micro Behavior Analysis

User interface of TripVista system

(left) A dangerous case at a road intersection; (right) Periodic pattern by traffic light regulation at a road intersection

Encounter patterns between car and bicycle, discovered at a road intersection

(left) A unique typhoon reaching Mongolia; (right) Number of hurricanes reaches a peak in 1995