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WeiboEvents requires a HTML5 enabled browser, such as Google Chrome.

Drag this WeiboEvents bookmark to your toolbar, click it in the Weibo interface, you'll see a button for this tool after each tweet.

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Please cite this paper if you use WeiboEvents in your research. We would highly appreciate if you can email us the citing information, especially you use our tool for thesis. Please send email to pkuvis[at]

Ren, Donghao, Xin Zhang, Zhenhuang Wang, Jing Li, and Xiaoru Yuan. "WeiboEvents: A Crowd Sourcing Weibo Visual Analytic System." In Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis) Notes, 2014 IEEE, pp. 330-334. IEEE, 2014. PDF

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New Features

  • More efficient and complete data crawling.
  • Save and export your data.
  • New user interface, provides white and black colorschemes.
  • Custom charts.

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