Micro Behaviors Analysis


In this project, we develope an interactive visual analytics system, Triple Perspective Visual Trajectory Analytics (TripVista), for exploring and analyzing complex traffic trajectory data. Users are equipped with a carefully designed interface to inspect data interactively from three perspectives (spatial, temporal and multidimensional views). While most previous works, in both visualization and transportation research, focused on the macro aspects of traffic flows, we develop visualization methods to investigate and analyze microscopic traffic patterns and abnormal behaviors. In the spatial view of our system, traffic trajectories with various presentation styles are directly interactive with user brushing, together with convenient pattern exploration and selection through ring-style sliders. Improved ThemeRiver, embedded with glyphs indicating directional information, and multiple scatterplots with time as horizontal axes illustrate temporal information of the traffic flows. Our system also harnesses the power of parallel coordinates to visualize the multi-dimensional aspects of the traffic trajectory data. The above three view components are linked closely and interactively to provide access to multiple perspectives for users. Our system is capable of effectively finding both regular and abnormal traffic flow patterns. It has also been successfully applied to study 160 years' global hurricane trajectories.


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User interface of TripVista system

(left) A dangerous case at a road intersection; (right) Periodic pattern by traffic light regulation at a road intersection

Below are some results for hurricane trajectories:

(left) A unique typhoon reaching Mongolia; (right) Number of hurricanes reaches a peak in 1995


Road Intersection Analysis


Road Intersection Analysis
Hurricane Analysis


Road Intersection Analysis


Road Intersection Analysis
Hurricane Analysis